Get a great workout even if you can’t make it to the gym.


We feel, look, and function best when we do something active every day. Not making it to the gym shouldn’t prevent that from happening. Get started for just $29 a month.



Working out doesn’t have to be a pain. 😫

Time, money and space are factors—we get it!—so our workouts don’t require an expensive gym membership, a room full of bulky equipment, or even a lot of time to get get through. They’re designed to get you in, out, and on with your day.


Here’s how it works:


Workouts designed for
at-home or on-the-go.


A different workout each
day of the week.


Each workout takes only 20-30 minutes of your day.


Membership is just $29 a month. No contract.

Get a different at-home or on-the-go workout every day of the week. All workouts have options for bodyweight-only or can be done with some simple equipment (we recommend a pair of dumbbells and/or a kettlebell). Each workout takes no more than 20-30 minutes of your day.



We believe in the power of doing something active every day. 💪

We designed this program out of our own personal necessity. It wasn’t something we realized a need for until we saw the value that it held in keeping us active even when our schedules were at their craziest.



How does the program work? +

  1. All workouts are listed in our “Wodify” app, where you can both see the workout details and log your results for the day.
  2. We post a new page daily with videos that demo the day's movements and talk basics on how the movements should be performed.
  3. Each day has a warm-up, a bodyweight workout option, and an option for a workout with equipment.
  4. Plus, both the bodyweight and equipment workouts have two different levels (“Work” and “Move”) so you can choose the challenge that’s right for you!

How often should I work out? +

We believe that we should do something active every single day of our lives. Sometimes that means a tough workout, but sometimes that just means moving around and breaking a sweat.

What equipment will I need? +

Our equipment workouts are written using only a pair of dumbbells. We recommend having a few pairs (a lighter pair that you feel confident holding overhead), and something heavier that will be a better challenge for your stronger, lower body muscles.

What if I have questions? +

Reach out anytime! brock@everydayprogram.com can get you all taken care of.

How much does the program cost? +

Just $29 per month!

What about health care reimbursement? +

Yep! Log a result in Wodify for at least 12 workouts per month and you’ll receive a $20 kickback. Sign up for the program using these instructions.


Get in touch.